Awesome two days helping @Lowpost_es team

I have recently visited Valencia in order to help my friends at Lowpost. It was great and I had a lot of fun! I would like to tell you a bit about how it was.

Who is Lowpost?

Lowpost is a cool start-up that are focused in Content Marketing. Lowpost connects companies that need interesting content with authors that can write about such topics. Authors bet for the open jobs and then they deliver the content to the final customer. Everything around such process is managed by the Lowpost platform.

As a start-up, they have grown quite fast, so their code. They started with Drupal, as many start-ups, and then they added a Silex application. You know that testing is difficult, however, doing unit testing for Drupal is a challenge.

What we did?

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“Implementing Domain-Driven Design” Workshop in Barcelona

Since 2012 and after two years reading and working with Domain-Driven Design approaches, in 2014, Christian (@theUniC) and me went to Berlin to get trained by Vaughn Vernon, author of “Implementing Domain-Driven Design” book. The training was fantastic, all the concepts that were going around on their minds up to that moment, got stuck into the ground in the 3 days IDDD workshop. However, they were the only two PHP developers there in a room full of Java and .NET. That was quite funny.
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