Rigor Talks – PHP – #27 – Distributing Domain Events using RabbitMQ (Spanish)

Hola Amigos del Rigor! Continuamos con la serie sobre Domain Events. En este sexto video de la serie, vamos a distribuir los eventos, que tenemos persistidos en base de datos, hacia un sistema de colas como RabbitMQ. Veremos algunas consideraciones y trucos a tener en cuenta.

He creado una lista de reproducción pública con los videos que vaya publicando. La podéis encontrar aquí. Si los videos os gustan, no olvidéis suscribiros a mi canal. Espero que os guste!


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Accessing securely production services with SSH port forwarding

We’ve already talked about how to deploy your public SSH keys into your server using Ansible and GitHub. This time, I just want to share a simple approach to have access to your production services (MySQL, Elastic, RabbitMQ, etc.) without exposing publicly your services. You have different alternatives, probably the most common are using a VPN or use SSH port forwarding. Let’s see an example of the last one.

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“Domain-Driven Design in PHP” (@dddbook) is finished

Today, Keyvan, Christian and me are very happy to announce that “Domain-Driven Design in PHP” book is 100% complete. 380 pages and around 1400 readers so far.


Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us in this project.

Thanks to Christian and Keyvan. We don’t need words to understand each other.

Thanks to our families and friends. Love is what you need to keep pushing.

Thanks to Edd Mann for helping at the beginning with the language implementation details ;).

Thanks to Matthias Noback for his suggestions and his foreword.

Thanks to Vaughn Vernon for being pragmatic and inspiring.

Thanks to Ricard Clau, Albert Casademont, Victor Guardiola and Jordi Abad for your contributions.

Thanks to Natalye Childress for non stopping asking about uppercase or lowercase. With your work, the book can be read.

Thanks to everyone that committed fixes, you are great: Jonathan Wondrusch, César Rodríguez, Yannick Voyer, Oriol González, Henry Snoek, Tom Jowitt, Sascha Schimke, Sven Herrmann, Daniel Abad, Luis Rovirosa, Luis Cordova, Raúl Ramos, Juan Maturana, Nil Portugués, Nikolay Zujev, Fernando Pradas, Raúl Araya, Neal Brooks, Hubert Béague, Aleksander Rekść, Sebastian Machuca, Nicolas Oelgart, and Marc Aube.

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