MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification Beta Exam Review

Last friday, I did the MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification Beta Exam. This is the exam that Oracle is launching because of the new MySQL 5.6 Developer certification that will replace the old MySQL 5.0 certification in 2014. I don’t know if I’m certified yet because in beta, all candidate exams have to be reviewed in order to analyse how difficult it was, what questions were not appropriated, typos, etc.) before going live.

Live in Q2-2014

With the new certification that will be officially released in Q2 – 2014, developers just need to past one exam (previous certification was two exams). As other certifications, before going live passes through a process of beta.

Beta exam cheaper but harder

During beta time, exam is really cheap (39$ regardless 200$) but candidates face 135 questions (as I did) during 180 minutes. A bit exhausting and boring at the end.


Related to the questions, it looks like Oracle wants to check quite practical expertise, 80% os questions where about queries and their results, the rest, about engines, meta information, performance, locks and code snippets for PHP, Java and .NET.

How to be prepared

I think the best material is the reference: well explained, all the details are there but lacking examples that you should complement with the old MySQL Certification Guide book. I was quite surprised about how few professional content about MySQL is in Internet apart of the Oracle one (IMHO, too expensive).


Practice, just practice. Play with sort, limit, union, alias, subqueries, indexes, etc. Study a lot but don’t think about the exam if you are not confortable with high intensive daily mysql usage. Just my opinion.

  • Jasmeet Kour

    Thanks for the detail .. But i found the exam fee is $245.00 on the site… How it is cheaper?

    • Carlos Buenosvinos

      Now, the exam is not in beta anymore (since 2013, 31st of December), so $245 is the official price.

  • Hi, did you already received the exam result? I also did the exam but until now, none..

    • Carlos Buenosvinos

      Not yet :(

      • Hey, the result is done! I have passed with 77%. However the certification is not listed in the “Certification Achieved”, in Oracle CertView…

        • Carlos Buenosvinos

          I’ve passed it! Congrats to everyone and best of luck for next try for the ones that haven’t.

  • Have you heard anything from Oracle yet ? It’s the “scheduled” day for release of the results but so far no updates in Certview…..

    • Carlos Buenosvinos


  • It was the hardest, most grueling certification test I’ve ever done, and I passed with a 70%. Lots of inane multiple choices that deliberately try to trick you up. Several things I’d never seen before, despite 15 years of using MySQL professionally: STRAIGHT JOIN, ALL(), UNION ALL, WITH CHECK OPTION. And then it asks stuff about connecting and executing queries via Java, C#, and PHP. How many people *really* use MySQL in all three languages, right? I definitely missed at least 5 of those. Then there’s lots of inane things regarding collations and SQL PREPARE statements via the CLI that I don’t think anyone uses.