No necesitáis consultoría sobre DDD: Caso Motor de Reservas

Cuando una empresa me contacta para hacer consultoría, monto un Skype para entender mejor las necesidades y la situación en la que se encuentra. Normalmente, hablo con un par de técnicos y/o el CTO que me cuentan sus dificultades. Tengo varias de éstas al mes. Algunas son empresas grandes (50 developers o más) y más pequeñas (menos de 10 developers). Como no me gano la vida haciendo consultoría, soy muy imparcial con lo que necesitan y sobretodo con lo que no necesitan. En sus dificultades, algunos patrones se repiten (miedos, prejuicios, presiones, modas, etc.). Me gustaría resumir cómo fue una de esas video conferencias por si podéis estar en la misma situación.

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#MayTheRigorBeWithYou: Presentamos las “Rigor Talks”

Amigos del rigor! Hola! Siguiendo la senda de los más grandes como o CodelyTV a.k.a. #cosaMuyFina, tengo el placer de presentaros las “Rigor Talks”. Videos cortos de entre 5 y 10 minutos, en Español, que iré publicando de forma periódica con aquellos trucos sobre desarrollo de software que veo que se repiten en las consultorías que hago por esos mundos. Los videos están hechos con todo el cariño y amor para que os resulten útiles en vuestro día a día.

A fecha de hoy, tengo 12 ya grabados que iré publicando en YouTube y en el blog de forma regular. Para muestra de los primeros videos que iremos publicando (Guard Clauses, Self-Encapsulation, Named Constructors, Test Class, Self-Shunt, Inmutabilidad y Mutant Testing). Os dejo una imagencilla ;) Continue reading

Awesome two days helping @Lowpost_es team

I have recently visited Valencia in order to help my friends at Lowpost. It was great and I had a lot of fun! I would like to tell you a bit about how it was.

Who is Lowpost?

Lowpost is a cool start-up that are focused in Content Marketing. Lowpost connects companies that need interesting content with authors that can write about such topics. Authors bet for the open jobs and then they deliver the content to the final customer. Everything around such process is managed by the Lowpost platform.

As a start-up, they have grown quite fast, so their code. They started with Drupal, as many start-ups, and then they added a Silex application. You know that testing is difficult, however, doing unit testing for Drupal is a challenge.

What we did?

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Hola Carlos

Hola Carlos,

Hace poco oí hablar de ti en mi círculo de colegas frikis y me puse una de tus charlas sobre scrum, me pareció increíble que en tan sólo una charla de dos horas me quedara tan claro el concepto, los roles, etc, así que continué mirando tu blog etc. A día de hoy creo que he visto todo tu material online.

Ahora estarás pensando ¿qué quiere este capullo? jaja

Solamente agradecerte tu labor en la comunidad PHP, gracias a gente como tu, los menos seniors o los que nos encontramos en una empresa estancados podemos aprender grandes cosas. Lo mejor es que me abriste los ojos con tu pensamiento de, mientras el dinero no sea lo más importante, preocuparte de aprender lo máximo.

Sin nada más que añadir, solo darte las gracias de nuevo, eres un crack, un ejemplo a seguir sin duda, ojalá algún día coincidamos en algún sitio.

Un saludo!

“Domain-Driven Design in PHP” (@dddbook) is finished

Today, Keyvan, Christian and me are very happy to announce that “Domain-Driven Design in PHP” book is 100% complete. 380 pages and around 1400 readers so far.


Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us in this project.

Thanks to Christian and Keyvan. We don’t need words to understand each other.

Thanks to our families and friends. Love is what you need to keep pushing.

Thanks to Edd Mann for helping at the beginning with the language implementation details ;).

Thanks to Matthias Noback for his suggestions and his foreword.

Thanks to Vaughn Vernon for being pragmatic and inspiring.

Thanks to Ricard Clau, Albert Casademont, Victor Guardiola and Jordi Abad for your contributions.

Thanks to Natalye Childress for non stopping asking about uppercase or lowercase. With your work, the book can be read.

Thanks to everyone that committed fixes, you are great: Jonathan Wondrusch, César Rodríguez, Yannick Voyer, Oriol González, Henry Snoek, Tom Jowitt, Sascha Schimke, Sven Herrmann, Daniel Abad, Luis Rovirosa, Luis Cordova, Raúl Ramos, Juan Maturana, Nil Portugués, Nikolay Zujev, Fernando Pradas, Raúl Araya, Neal Brooks, Hubert Béague, Aleksander Rekść, Sebastian Machuca, Nicolas Oelgart, and Marc Aube.

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What happens if we don’t do it? – 4 ways to speed teams up

I became Certified Scrum Master (CSM) on 2010. I took a CSM course at beautiful Oporto. My instructor was Mitch Lacey ( Amazing instructor. If you can attend any of his courses, go ahead. On 2012, he published an amazing book about Scrum, I totally recommend, “The Scrum Field Guide: Practical Advice for Your First Year” ( So practical, so full of examples to understand how to properly apply Scrum and get most of it.

During the CSM training session, when talking about INVEST ( in your product backlog, value of User Stories and priorities he said, “the first question to ask yourself about a user story, task or process is what happens if we just don’t do it?”. Everyone laughed. Not doing something useless you were supposed to do, it’s a high productive activity.

The more I meet teams, project managers, developers, sysops, etc., the stronger my feeling is that we always try to improve things adding stuff not removing waste. More process, more abstraction, more code, more tools. My recommendation is that the best way to speed teams up is to remove useless or low value things. Let’s see some suggestions.

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Hi @xing_bcn and @xing_de!

After leaving Atrápalo, it’s time to jump to a new challenge. As I explained, I need to get out of my confort zone and check other things that will make me learn new things. Some of you already know, but for the rest, the chosen company is Xing. So, I’m more than happy to announce that I’m the next B2B Head of Engineering at @xing. I’d like to share some thoughts about the reasons that took me here.

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